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The Secret Door – Worcester’s Mind Reading Experience

April 14 @ 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/NgHvW3HeqtU

Secret Doorway is an astonishing evening of mind-reading with comedian, hypnotist and sleight-of-hand artist Peter Gross. Peter uses no special equipment or double-jointed assistants to create his confounding stunts, just the quick hands of a card shark, the improvisational skills of a stand-up, and a con man’s command of human psychology. Peter reveals thoughts, predicts what you’ll do next and acts as a human lie detector.  The showtakes you on a highly interactive, intellectual roller-coaster ride of “impossible outcomes.”  Peter has performed at the White House, The Kennedy Center, Canada’s National Theater, and on National Television. He is recognized as a master of misdirection and mentalism and Secret Doorway has been described as “the perfect date night”.  Peter is thrilled to bring the show to Worcester. Once the home of four competing Vaudeville theaters and dozens of speakeasies, Worcester has a long history with charlatans and other professional liars.


The Secret Doorway will only admit 90 people per performance, so each person will have a unique and up close experience.


April 14
7:30 PM

Jean McDonough Arts Center

20 B Franklyn Street

Worcester, MA

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